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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cheesecake



Product Description

This wonderful Cheesecake was inspired by Earth Saver Girl. Plentiful fresh mouth watering strawberries lying on a thin layer of strawberry glaze on top sprinkled with walnuts. This refreshing Strawberry flavored Cheesecake is made with farm fresh dairy products and cream cheese. The cheesecake is smooth and delicious with chocolate chips swimming throughout and features a chocolate cookie crust. Fresh strawberries and tasty cream cheese abound in every bite: it’s pure decadence and delight. Little Brooklyn (Earth Saver Girl) plans to write to educate youth about going green, protecting our animals, having compassion for each other and getting out to play. Visit her website at

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9 Inch Serves 8-10, 10 Inch Serves 12-14, 12 inch Serves 14-16


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